How Can Lifting Buddy Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

"That which gets measure gets improved"

It's one of those quotes that gets repeated time and time again, but have you actually stopped to think about it? If you're not tracking your progress, how do you know if you're actually improving?

Fact is, tracking is one of the most important steps to achieving your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your strength, or something else, tracking is essential to getting to that goal! There are a lot of different ways and things to track, but today we'll look at just one, and how the Lifting Buddy app can help make that process fun and easy.

The big feature that Lifting Buddy provides in the tracking department is the ability to track what you're doing in the gym. Whether you're running, lifting, or both, you can easily keep a log of what you've done in the gym.

Why track? A question we get asked from time to time. Some people just don't see the value to tracking their lifts, but the benefits are numerous!


Keeps You Motivated

Seeing your lifts improve day by day is huge motivation. Constant improvement is key to keeping up motivation to get into the gym. After all, for many actually getting up and going to the gym is half the battle! It's a great feeling to actually see those numbers go up, and an easy way to pump yourself up for that workout.

It also helps you keep things in perspective. Many of us get in slumps or plateaus where we feel we really aren't improving. Sometimes that's true, but other times it's just in our heads. Slow improvement is improvement all the same. With Lifting Buddy, you can see whether progress is truly stagnating or if it just feels like it is. 


Find Improvements

Another benefit of having accurate logs is knowing where you need to improve. If you're noticing some of your lifts are improving, but not others, then that's a good sign that maybe you're not hitting that particular exercise enough.

The key is that without tracking you'd never even know that you're lacking. Lifting Buddy helps additionally on this by providing handy graphs and analytics so you can see exactly where improvement is needed. When you notice your bench has gone up 100lbs, but your squat has stayed the same you know there's a place to switch up your routine.



One Up Yourself

Once you know what you're doing you can challenge yourself to one up yourself. If you benched 225 last week, see if you can hit 230 this week. Simple challenges like that can help make your workout fun, while also leading to some serious improvements. 

Keep track of your lifts week to week let's you add some fun to your workouts with challenges like this. Always be challenging yourself and pushing yourself for the best.



Lifting Buddy Fitness Tracker

While there are a lot of "fitness trackers" out there, we feel Lifting Buddy rises above due to its simplicity. 

Lifting Buddy aims to simplify the gym part of that tracking by giving you a convenient and simple way to record your workouts. Our focus was on simplicity and ease of use. The act of tracking is a means to end, and you shouldn't be wasting your time in the gym fighting with some app. It only takes a few seconds to record your progress, so it becomes an asset to your workout and not a distraction.

Whether you choose to use Lifting Buddy or not, tracking your workouts is a surefire way to speed up your progress. Even if you're just writing it down, keep a log and you'll be surprised how much progress you make. Now go out there and get lifting!


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The preceding article was not written or reviewed by a licensed personal trainer or dietitian and is intended for educational purposes only. Always consult with a physician before beginning any physical activity or fitness routine.