Getting Started With Lifting Buddy

We are happy to introduce the updated and revamped Lifting Buddy mobile app. Lifting Buddy is designed to be the simplest and least intrusive way to track, measure, and analyze your lifts in the gym!

The Lifting Buddy team is excited to share our hard work with the fitness community, and are committed to continual improvement. With your help we can create the best fitness app on the market!

What Makes it Different?

There are a lot of fitness apps aimed at tracking on the market, so what makes Lifting Buddy different?

Our goal was to simplify the experience and create an application that anyone could start using right away. A lot of the other apps include a slew of features, or require a long startup process that detracts from the core features. We wanted to strip back the un-needed extras, and offer an experience that focuses on what really matters.

That’s not to say we’ve created a poor app or one that lacks features, but one that carefully considered what is needed to achieve its purpose. This keeps distractions to a minimum so users can focus less on the app and more on their workout.



Easily Add Lifts

Our application makes it dead simple to add lifting data. Simple click add lifts (for any day) or today’s lifts which will pre-populate the date field.

Once there enter in the basic info and data is saved! We’ve allowed users to create their own lift names so as not to limit them in what they can do.

We’ve also added the ability to track cardio in much the same way through the “cardio tab”. Simple enter in the distance and time and you have a simple way to track any sort of cardio activities at the gym as well.



Included in the app is lift history and ananlytics! This is the real benefit of the app as it allows users to see their past lifts and look for improvements. Access it by clicking the “Lift History” tab.

In it, you’ll have two options to view your history, by lift and by day.

By Lift

By lift allows you to view the info on a specific lift. You’ll be presented with a table view of the lift and its stats, as well as a graph that shows the progress of weight completed for that lift.

By Day

By day allows you to view all the lifts completed on a particular day. Using a tabbed method, you’re able to quickly drill down by year, month, and day to view the stats. Once there, you’ll be able to see all the lifts completed for a particular day.


Once you register as a user you’ll gain the benefit of being able to backup your lifts on the cloud. Simply click the settings icon in the upper right, then once on the settings page hit the “sync lifts” button. This will work for a few seconds, then present you with confirmation that your lifts have been backed up!

This saves your data in case of any loss of info on your phone. It also allows you to sync your lifts across different devices, if you get a new phone for example. Simple login, and hit the sync lifts again. This is two way, so it will backup any new lifts on the device, as well as pull any lifts that you don’t currently have on the device. This makes it simple to move devices, and keep your data in sync across mobile phones or tablets!


Continued improvement.

We’re very excited at the release of Lifting Buddy, but our work is far from over. We have a lot of fantastic ideas to make the app better, such as adding in routine support, pre-loading workouts by muscle group, improved ananlytics reporting and so much more!

We also welcome any feedback, questions, suggestions, or concerns. Simple visit our website,, and fill out the contact from near the bottom of the page. We read all our mail, and encourage everyone to provide their feedback! We couldn't do it without our users!

Lifting buddy is currently available on phones and tables for both android and IOS platforms.

IOS: Download

Android: Download


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The preceding article was not written or reviewed by a licensed personal trainer or dietitian and is intended for educational purposes only. Always consult with a physician before beginning any physical activity or fitness routine.